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QuickBooks Online Basics
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QuickBooks Online Basics


with MindEdge Instructor, MSAD#1 Adult & Community Education

Calendar Nov 15, 2022

QuickBooks® Online Basics is an introductory-level course designed to build a foundation of essential skills in QuickBooks® Online. In this course, learners will develop a greater understanding of the basic bookkeeping and accounting functions that the software enables. The course content focuses on mastering the fundamental tasks performed in QuickBooks®, including setting up a company file and chart of accounts, entering customer and vendor information, recording sales, creating invoices, managing payables and receivables, creating and customizing reports, and using the Audit Log.

Note: To complete the exercises in this course, learners will need to set up their own access to the QuickBooks® Online platform. A subscription to QuickBooks® Online is not included with this course.

For more information or to register please click the link.



with Tom Ward, MSAD 53 Adult and Community Education

Calendar Dec 5, 2022 , runs for 10 weeks

This class is offered on Mondays - from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm.  Great chance to get in some exercise and meet new people!

Create and Deliver Online Zoom Courses


with BoomerTECH Adventures, Windham/Raymond Adult Education

Calendar Dec 6, 2022

This course is designed for those who want to develop an online course using Zoom, a video conferencing platform. This guide consists of step-by-step videos that explain and demonstrate how to use Zoom as well as appropriate instructional tips to build an engaging online course in any subject. You will learn everything you need to know about Zoom—tools, settings, security, instructional strategies, building community, Zoom tips for instructors and students, and much more.

Will run

World of Work Inventory (WOWI) Career Assessment


with Jessica Trimmer, Windham/Raymond Adult Education

Calendar Dec 12, 2022

Do you need some help finding the career path that is right for you? You need a career assessment that measures more than one aspect of who you are. WOWI(World of Work Inventory) does just that. This comprehensive assessment will consider your skills, interests, and workstyle to help you find the career for which you are best suited! Our Career Advisor will meet with you one-on-one to assess your results and help you plan your next steps!

Registering for WOWI will put you in contact with Coordinator, Jessica Trimmer. She will be in touch!

Various dates and times - by appointment; WRAE LC; FREE

A Student's Guide to Building Brain Power


with Carole Freeman, Windham/Raymond Adult Education

Calendar Dec 13, 2022

Give yourself an advantage with greater brain power. Don’t bother learning memory tricks, instead change the chemistry and physiology of your brain and its capability for learning! Improve blood flow, oxygenation, and nutrient delivery while balancing your autonomicnervous system with your respiratory system. Feel calmer and more focused under pressure and enjoy improved concentration!

Breath-Taking 101


with Carole Freeman, Windham/Raymond Adult Education

Calendar Dec 13, 2022

What if you are breathing all wrong?

You know that if you stop breathing, you die... but good news! You know how to breathe…but, if you never learn how to breathe well, you become sick and tired. Learning to breathe well is essential to feeling and doing your best every day. Breath-Taking online is developed from the entire medical field of identifying and correcting breathing pattern disorders. Eighty-five percent of us currently have breathing dysfunction making us feel sick and tired. Or at the very least, more sick and tired than we need to be.

Will run

Breath-Taking at Night


with Carole Freeman, Windham/Raymond Adult Education

Calendar Dec 13, 2022

If you’re feeling sick and tired it may be caused by Sleep/Breathing Dysfunction. Learn how to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, stop snoring and wake up feeling rested. You can’t possibly have your highest brain power, do your best performance and function at your highest level when you are chronically fatigued and drained from lack of deep restful sleep.

Breath-Taking for Children


with Carole Freeman, Windham/Raymond Adult Education

Calendar Dec 13, 2022

Make a dramatic difference in your child’s life by guiding them to optimal breathing. Everything from the shape of your child’s skull and facial features to the function of their lungs is dramatically impacted by their habitual breathing patterns. It’s estimated that 85% of us have some degree of dysfunctional breathing. Much of this starts in childhood and has dramatic consequences on our health, our brain function, and our appearance over our lifetime. Learn how your child’s breathing pattern and their childhood development affect their overall lifelong health.

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