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Rules of the Road: Top 10 Investing Rules
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Rules of the Road: Top 10 Investing Rules


with Fred Diehl, York Adult Education

Fred shares the top 10 principles for sound investing and how to identify and avoid common investment mistakes.

Transition Your Home or Business From Fossil Fuels
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Transition Your Home or Business From Fossil Fuels


with John Luft, Five Town CSD Adult & Community Education

Calendar Apr 14, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week

In this class we will explore the technologies and economics involved with transitioning our homes and small businesses away from fossil fuels to electricity. We will look into air source heat pumps, heat pump water heat, electric vehicles and solar electric energy systems. We will cover some of the design considerations and the economic effects of this transition.

Plant Spirit & Energy Work


with John Lisnik, MSAD 52 Adult & Community Education

Calendar Apr 15, 2020 at 5 pm

Plants have the ability toimpact the body in a way that can remedy illnesses, improve tissue and organ functions and rebalance your entire body. Join John Lisnik, Jr., owner of Oneness Wellness, LLC for this one night class!

$10 material fee paid to instructor.

Candle Magic and Manifestation Spring 2020


with Angie Butler Welch, Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative

Calendar Apr 15, 2020 at 6 pm

It’s not just a cliche - what you think about, you really do bring about. In this interactive class we will discuss how to clearly direct your energetic thoughts and how adding in the element of fire is an effective way to manifest things in your life. Participants will learn: various candle colors what to use them for how to prepare your candle for manifesting when the best times are in which to burn your specific candles We will each create 2 different manifestation candles depending on the kind of change you want to create. Abundance, attracting love into your life, overcoming obstacles, and conquering fear are just just a few desires you can manifest. All materials provided, although we encourage you to bring paper to take notes. Angie Welch Bio: From a very early age I was able to see and connect with angels and people who had passed, and have been delivering those messages since I was a teenager. As a lifelong spiritual student, I have spent many years learning and nurturing these abilities. In more recent years, I found myself drawing and painting, while channeling messages. This newfound gift led to my offering of "Art Mediumship". Leap of Faith is the name I gave my personal journey to create and deliver the messages of my soul, as well as the name I bestowed upon my office (Leap of Faith Soul Space). When working with a client, I am able to connect with the angels, your guides, and loved ones in spirit who have passed. When doing art mediumship I create a personal intuitive piece, complete with the message(s) that Spirit wants me to share with you. As so much of our life depends on free will, I also offer "Akashic Records" readings, perfect for when you need guidance as to how certain choices may unfold in the future. The "Akashic Records" is the energy dimension that records the eternal journey of your soul and offers profound insight, understanding and healing energy. As a healer, I am trained in the powerful and effective healing modality of Pranic Healing. I am honored to have my spiritual gifts and feel it is my responsibility to share the truth that love is eternal, life is a gift of learning, and we are all connected. I would be honored to work with you as a client, or as a student in one of many spiritual development classes. Namaste. FMI on your instructor, please visit

Check out all of Angie's Health & Wellness/Self-Help classes:

Be an EMPOWERED EMPATH and create a life you LOVE!

Manifestation Made Simple

Candle Magice Manifestation

Living the Four Agreements

Please note there is a non-refundable $1.99 credit card registration fee for online registrations. If a class is cancelled for any reason, we are unable to refund the $1.99 registration fee. Call us at 564-6525 to make arrangements for paying by check or cash, and avoiding the non-refundable registration fees. Paying online is safe, easy and convenient so if you're happy to pay the extra $1.99 registration fee, we welcome you to do so.

Civilian Safety Awareness


with Michael Mercer, Westbrook Adult Education

Calendar Apr 15, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week

Being violently attacked is 52 times more likely than experiencing a car accident, 229 times more likely than having your house catch fire and 1,000 times more likely than being in a plane crash. Numbers like these can be frightening, but the good news is that there are opportunities throughout your day to minimize threats to your safety. The Civilian Safety Awareness Program teaches you these precautions and helps you build habits that enhance your safety. Michael Mercer, founder/CEO of Michael Mercer Consulting LLC, is a retired police officer who spent nearly 30 years in law enforcement and crime prevention. You will be trained in verbal Judo, de-escalation techniques, and in the proper use of pepper spray. No discounts.

Elder Law The Basics Messalonskee W20
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Elder Law The Basics Messalonskee W20


with John Nale, Mid-Maine Regional Adult Community Education

This two-hour class will include discussion regarding retirement planning, advance directives, guardianships and conservatorships, second marriage family planning, long-term care and estate planning. Attorney Nale will be available after class to answer any questions as well. Limit 20 students.
Leave a Legacy: Memoirs Journal
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Leave a Legacy: Memoirs Journal


with Jill Braceland, Marshwood Adult & Community Education

The seminar is designed for anyone who wants to record precious memories and family stories to pass on to future generations.  This seminar will give structire to writing your stories.

Maine Healthy Lawn Care Made Simple - Now A Live Webinar!


with Ali Clift,CCSWCD, Scarborough Adult Learning Center

Calendar Apr 15, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week


Due to the COVID-19 virus, we will not be holding this workshop in person at the high school as previously planned. However instead, we're excited that your instructor, Ali Clift of the CCSWCD, will offer it as a live webinar on Wed, April 15, from 5:50 PM to 8:00 PM with a Q & A session at the end. This will be one-way, but participants will be able to type in, and receive answers to their questions live.

Those who register will be emailed guidance ahead of time, so they may be prepared ahead, and can receive the accompanying packet. The webinar will open at 5:50 PM to provide some time for participants to troubleshoot technology if needed and review how to submit questions to the teacher. Then the presentation will begin at 6:00 PM.

Give it a try, join us!


What defines the “perfect Maine lawn”? One that’s lush and green, safe for families, pets, and the environment, plus saves you time and money! Learn to create a more resilient, beautiful lawn without relying on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. We’ll provide strategies for fertilizing correctly, controlling weeds and thatch, renovating poor lawns, transitioning to organic care, and more. Whether you maintain your lawn or hire a professional, round up your neighbors and join! This program compatible with the Town of Scarborough’s organic pest management policy for school and town properties, as well as the City of Portland’s and City of South Portland’s pesticide ordinances. Ali implements community education and outreach programs for Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District, holds degrees in environmental studies and marine science, and offers this through CCSWCD as a free community service.

Wed, 4/15/2020, 6:00 to 8:00 pm, 

$5 adult ed processing fee

Instructor: Ali Clift, CCSWCD

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